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Let's Grow Your Business

Your Digital Marketing Partner

Let’s Grow Your Business

Click Marketing can assist your online business growth in more ways than one

For a small business, digital marketing can be complex. There are so many different options and choices available. Sometimes, you need someone to remove the confusion and uncertainty and give you guidance, advice and support.

With Click Marketing, you’re in safe hands. We don’t work for you, we work with you.

We will help you grow your digital presence, boost your brand awareness and accelerate your growth online.

Our Services

From strategy to management, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to propel your business online.

Marketing Planning & Strategy

You may have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t have a marketing plan or strategy, no one will know about it.

Brand Identity

From logo design to social media template creation, we ensure you get your brand, messaging and vision out there in the best way possible.

Social Media

Our team includes advertising specialists who can help boost your social presence and ensure the maximum ROI for your advertising budget.

Website Development & Support

We specialise in building optimised websites for businesses and brands. We have dedicated experts for both WordPress and Shopify platforms.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is a one-time or ongoing optimisation service that increases your website’s organic search, reach and visibility.

Promotional Videos

Video content has become the social norm in the social media landscape. Users are looking for entertainment, and video provides this.

Website Hosting

Supercharge Your Website’s Performance With Click Marketing’s Next-Gen Cloud Hosting Solutions

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Armed Forces
Veteran Support

Click Marketing supports Armed Forces personnel who are currently serving and Veterans. We provide online business consultations, coaching and mentoring. Discounts are given on all our marketing services for those looking to start or grow their own business.

Latest Articles

Brand Identity

Boost your Brand Engagement: Instagram’s New Custom Cutout Sticker Feature

We all love interacting with the variety of sticker options Instagram has to offer on story posts, but there’s a new customizable sticker feature on the rise that may prove to be useful for your brand’s engagement, and not just for story posts, but for reels too! Instagram recently introduced a fresh feature allowing users to crop elements from their static image posts. These cutouts can be repurposed as stickers

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Marketing Planning & Strategy

Advertising on Brave with the New Ads Manager

For online businesses, navigating the advertising landscape often means relying on the familiar – Google Ads and Facebook. While these giants undeniably offer reach, their dominance raises concerns about privacy, data control, and ad fatigue.  So, what if there was another option? One that respects user privacy, offers innovative ad formats and unlocks a growing audience of engaged users. You might be surprised to learn that there is an alternative

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Social Media

Leads Unleashed: LinkedIns New Ad Edge for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn is among the most effective platforms for thought leadership and lead generation, especially for the B2B market. Identifying and cultivating potential customers for your business is crucial for growth and provides an avenue to realistically convert prospects into clients. One effective way to optimise your LinkedIn profile for lead generation is by creating compelling, relatable and valuable storytelling content. Sharing insightful articles related to your industry regularly will establish

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Let's Grow Your Business

Let's Grow Your Business