At Introductable our mission is straightforward
to introduce the best investments to the right investors.

We are Specialists in Identifying Secured, High Yielding Fixed-rate Investment Opportunities in the UK Offering Typical Returns Starting from 8 – 12% per Annum, Available to High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors

Annual Returns

Our investments typically offer returns equivalent to 8% – 12% per year depending on the specific product selected.

Fixed Term

You are normally investing for a fixed term of between 1 and 5 years, although some investments will include options to redeem early.

Fixed Returns

So that you will know exactly what returns you will get from your investment and when you will receive them.

Asset Backed Security

For added peace-of-mind, all our investments are backed by a strong asset base and have additional security features that protect your investment throughout its Term.


Whether you are looking to invest for the short-term or the longer term, or if you are seeking regular income or capital growth, we have options to suit a wide range of investment strategies.


You want the reassurance that your invested funds will be safe in the hands of recognised experts in their chosen fields of operation.

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How We work

The Introductable Investment Process

It could not be any easier. Simply register in the appropriate investor category and you will then be able to receive introductory information on carefully selected investments that match your investor status. If you wish to go ahead, we will then share your preferences with the relevant Product Provider.

01. Goals

Before commencing, we strongly encourage you to be clear about what your investment goals actually are.

02. Register

You must register with Introductable in the appropriate Investor category so that we can introduce you to the most suitable investments for you. To do so, you will need to complete an online Self-Certification form.

03. Consider

Once registered, you will have access to introductory information on carefully selected investments from our Product Providers.

04. Proceed

If you wish to take your interest further simply let us know and we will make the necessary Introductions.

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