7 Reasons Why eCommerce Brands Should be Using Video to Promote their Products

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There’s no denying that video has taken over marketing in the last few years, especially in the digital space. Thanks to the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels, brands are quickly hopping on the trend of showcasing their products through short-form social media videos. Research from Hubspot shows that last year, 66% of consumers learnt about a new product or brand through video content, and it’s only increasing during 2023.

Whilst it may seem daunting, video is proving hugely instrumental in brand growth and is a trick not to be missed. Here are 7 of our favourite benefits of using video to promote your products to help you decide how to use video marketing to leverage your business:

Builds Trust With Customers

Buying anything online can feel like a risk and like you’re going in blind. Your customers will be pleased that they can fully view their purchase by watching different product videos and tell the viewer that the business is dedicated to reliability and professionalism. With video, you have the opportunity to give your brand a voice. People will connect with your business if there is an element of personalisation.

Improves SEO

An absolute staple of SEO marketing is having varied types of content on your website or social media channels. Studies have shown that people stay on a page much longer if it contains a video. Therefore, your search engine will think your business is popular and boost you to the top. This improves your website or brand profile’s overall authority and ranking.

Effective Product Showcase

By videoing your product for advertising purposes, you have the chance to really showcase its best features and uses. An attractive, well-edited video of your product or service is a great way to captivate your audience and show important attributes that an image can’t.

Greater Social Media Reach 

One of the main advantages of using video content for your e-commerce brand is that it has the ability to reach the far corners of the internet. Visually engaging content is now the preferred method to consume information. It has been proven to generate higher engagement rates than text or image, meaning you can hit audiences that were previously inaccessible. 

Delivers Higher Conversions

Luckily, making videos is not an expensive or timely process. It can be easily done with a smartphone. You can make a video, post it and start making sales all in the same day! Coupled with increased trust and transparency, customers are more likely to buy when they see a video, resulting in higher conversions and, therefore, improving your business’s ROI. 

Enjoyable User Experience

Half the battle of successfully promoting an e-commerce company is attracting people in the first place. Having just a page of text is not enough to keep your customers’ attention, but having a fun, engaging video is more likely to make the user linger for longer. People like to have diverse choices when they buy, but that goes for content, too. A good mix of stimulating images and videos is a surefire way to drive sales and engagement to your e-commerce business. 

Keeps Your Brand Modern

Now more than ever, it is super important for businesses to stay on top of the latest trends. You don’t want to be forgotten just because you don’t have any product videos! These days,  customers prefer to learn about something new through a video, so it is likely people won’t bother with your brand if they don’t see a video on your page. It’s also an opportunity to keep in the loop with current social media trends, which mainly occur through short-form videos. 

So now you know why you should start video marketing, but how do you start? We provide a promotional video service where Click Marketing can help you put your brand’s story in motion. 

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