80 Online Freelance Jobs – Freelance Opportunities Listed By Sectors

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If you have read or watched any of our content before, you will know that we strongly advocate the huge number of opportunities available to make money online and build a business online in 2043. 

This article is about online freelance jobs and, ultimately, 80 online business opportunities to start in 2024. 

We have listed 80 online freelance jobs that you can start RIGHT NOW and start making money online TODAY!

Our list has been split down into sectors to make navigating and finding your most suitable online freelance job easier. For example, the marketing sector, creative services and education.

Be sure to check through the list and be sure to find a suitable online freelance job that suits your interests and skill set.

Let’s go!

Marketing Sector

1. Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital marketing analysts analyse and review online statistics and develop strategies to improve online marketing efforts. 

2. Affiliate Marketing Specialist

The job of an affiliate marketing specialist involves planning and developing programs and campaigns aimed at recruiting new affiliates and delivering sales volume. 

3. SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists are marketing professionals responsible for analyzing and implementing layout trends to websites so that they are picked by search engines. Their goal is to drive targeted traffic to the website to make the company stand out.

4. PPC Advertising Specialist

Pay Per Click (PPC) Specialists are internet advertising experts tasked to build campaigns that will effectively generate leads and website traffic. Advertisers pay them a fee for every click on their ads. 

5. Paid Media Specialist

They are typically in charge of overseeing existing campaigns and making recommendations on how to ensure alignment with the company’s online marketing strategy. They help drive growth and success for organizations. 

6. Lead Generation Specialist

As lead generation specialists, they need to be able to strategize and implement tactics to generate new sales leads and business opportunities.

7. Social Media Marketing Specialist

Combines social media management and marketing skills to create appealing digital content for a company’s various social media platforms to increase online presence therefore increasing the client’s revenue.

8. Naming and Branding Consultant

Branding and naming consultants lend their marketing expertise tp help a company establish their brand and bring a product to market. 

9. Product Reviewer on YouTube

Creators of these YouTube videos literally open packages to give viewers a detailed look at the product and to give factual reviews of the item.

10. Marketing & Digital Communications Officer

Conducts market research, and prepares detailed media reports, press releases, and marketing materials to help increase market share. 

11. Email Outreach Specialist

Creates persuasive email pitches that will help develop the client’s brand and reach other businesses. 

Administrative Roles

12. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant generally provides services to other business owners remotely. They perform tasks that an administrative assistant would normally do. 

13. Customer Service Support Officer

Serves as liaison between the company and the customers to provide a positive brand experience and improve business productivity. They review customers’ accounts, assist with their needs and inquiries, and handle any complaints.

14. Technical Support Specialist

Technical support specialists aid in resolving technical issues concerning customers’ accounts. They can deal with most customer issues over the phone or through email.

15. Chat Support Agent

Responds to customer queries and assist them with requests as quickly as possible through live chat. 

16. Recruiting Officer

A recruiting agent’s job includes publishing job ads on job boards and social media, and sourcing and contacting suitable candidates online.

17. Social Media Coordinator

Also known as Social Media Managers’ key role is to maintain, organize, execute, and supervise a company’s social media presence. They respond to comments, visitor posts, direct messages and reviews on the client’s social media platforms to boost brand awareness and increase sales. 

18. Internet Researcher

If you have skills at digging around for information online, then you can become an Internet Researcher. You will be required to gather information and present research on a wide variety of topics. 

19. Internet Security Specialist

These professionals safeguard the company’s information by fighting cyber attacks and various hacking methods.

20. Online Research Respondents

Conducts thorough market research studies such as online surveys and mobile app usage. 

21. Online Merchant and Buyer

Online merchants work for businesses that operate on the internet. They initiate online auctions and help maximize the company’s exposure to web traffic.

22. Website Critique

They are responsible for viewing, analyzing and providing logical and sound input on whether a site serves the visitor’s needs or if it requires enhancement.

23. Transcriptionist

A Transcriptionist is a professional typist who converts recorded audio files into written reports, usually a text or document format. Becoming a transcriptionist requires accuracy, efficiency, and excellent typing skills. 

24. Translator/Interpreter

Freelance translators convert messages from one language to another whilst maintaining message content, context, and style as much as possible. Their job may include proofreading translated materials for grammar accuracy. 

25. eCommerce Specialist

Expert in online sales strategies and the various platforms used to conduct digital sales. They are tasked with monitoring the daily business administration and managing the development and maintenance of online stores. 

26. Data Entry Specialist

Also known as “data entry keyers”, these professionals input information into an electronic data system quickly and accurately. They perform all data entry-related tasks, including sorting, proofing, updating, and storing.

Digital and Design Services

27. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use their artistic abilities to lay out designs for use in media products such as web pages, advertisements, and other communication materials. They create visual concepts to communicate ideas and information. 

28. CAD Designer/Operator

Uses computer-aided design software to help generate designs for complex layouts and projects. They read, understand, and create 2D and 3D drawings.

29. Logo Designer and Illustrator

Creative, artistic and imaginative individuals whose task is to create the branding or identifying mark that symbolizes a particular brand, product, or organization. 

30. Animator

An animator creates an extensive series of images that appear to live on screen like those seen in feature films, commercials, and television programs. They typically use computer software to do their work.

31. Concept Artist

Concept artists apply imagination and artistic skill to create a visual representation of ideas for use in areas such as animation, gaming, advertising, and many others. 

32. Book Cover Artist/Designer

Oversee all elements of the book cover design process. They design a cover that will pique buyers’ interest while being mindful of the genre of the story within. 

33. Infographic Designer

An infographic designer provides a comprehensive set of graphics to turn data into information. They maximize the use of lists, bar charts, and column charts.

34. Web Banner/Ad Designer

Banner/Ad Designers create engaging display ads embedded on web pages that showcase a brand and link to the advertiser’s website. 

35. Email Designer

Common duties of an email designer include designing eye-catching email layouts for regular use and promotional, seasonal, and automated emails as necessary. 

36. T-shirt Designer

Let your creative side shine by creating stylish designs for shirts. There are several companies looking for freelance t-shirt designers, or you can market your designs through various platforms. 

37. Video Editor

In general, they are responsible for editing and assembling film pieces to create a complete project that meets the client’s vision. 

38. Photo Editor

They review photos, select, edit, and publish photos to be featured in a book or those that appear digitally. 

39. Flyer/Brochure Designer

Designs paper advertisements that are visually eye-catching and match the brand of the product or client being endorsed. 

40. Video Animator

Video animators use computers to create moving objects for storyboards, games, and films.

41. Voice-Over Artist

A voice-over artist is a professional who reads scripts or converts written words to create a recording that accompanies many video productions. They lend their voice to the use of animated films and television shows. 

42. Audio Editor

They are the ones responsible for selecting music, balancing and synchronizing it with scenes in movies and other visual production. 

43. Podcast Advertising

Creates captivating digital audio ads via podcast, to be downloaded to stream for the internet. The ad should co

Creative Services

44. Blogger

Bloggers are freelance writers who keep their readers engaged by maintaining an online journal. Their duty can also entail conceptualizing and promoting content of a corporate blog

45. Freelance Forum Posting Professional

Provides nice comments or relevant information on blogs and forum posts whilst avoiding spamming message boards. A professional in this field needs to understand the fine lines that cannot be crossed in forum posting.

46. Web Content Writer

Content writers compose a wide variety of relevant content for online consumption, from articles and reviews to product descriptions. They set the brand tone of any business, so their writing needs to be ingenious and engaging. 

47. Web Content Manager/Editor

A web content manager sees to it that a website’s content is well-structured and all necessary topics are up to date and correct. 

48. eBook Writer

Produce written content that aims to either promote a service or to sell information to seekers. Writing an eBook is an effective way of turning someone’s passion of writing into a business.

49. Screenwriter 

Screenwriters are essential to any film because they are responsible for developing scripts or screenplays for television shows or movies. To be successful in this role, one must possess strong writing skills, creativity, and an understanding of the filmmaking industry. 

50. Clinical Content Writer

A clinical content writer requires an understanding of medical concepts and terminologies and good writing skills to be able to translate researched evidence into standard templates for online point-of-care practice tools. Scientific information needs to be presented to suit the level of the general public.

51. Technical Writer/Documentation Specialist

Also known as technical communicators, technical writers prepare easy-to-understand instruction manuals and articles. Their main goal is to communicate complex, technical information easily and clearly.

52. Ghost Writer

In a nutshell, ghostwriters are commissioned to write copy-like articles, books, newsletters, etc. for someone else. They are hired to write for a flat fee but assume none of the credit for their work. Those who prefer being behind the curtain find ghostwriting very rewarding. 

53. Proposal Writer

Creates a written document used to persuade a reader to do something specific. They play a vital role as they help companies secure a client’s business through their informative writing. 

54. Fiction Writer

Fiction writers compose original written works using imaginary characters and events. They conjure new ideas to create stories, scripts, novels that are not intended to be taken as literal fact. Instead, it immerses its readers in experiences that they may never have in real life.

55. Speech Writer

Speechwriters create and edit speeches for different occasions and purposes, which will be delivered by another person. They often work on projects that include political speeches, PR sectors, or freelance work for other organizations. 

56. Resume Writer

The main responsibility of a resume writer is to ensure that the applicant’s resume stands out. They present the applicant’s qualifications, job history, and experience in a clear and impressive format. 

57. Legal Brief Write

Brief writers do research and draft briefs, motions, and memorandums on a contract basis. 

58. Legal Feature Writer

Publishes legal-related articles in print and web-based media. 

59. Product Description Writer

Promotes by writing about the features, advantages, and benefits of the product they are endorsing to the market. 

60. Copywriter

Equipped with impeccable writing skills, copywriters produce written content for everything from advertisements and web pages to well-researched articles. Their mission is to engage the readers through persuasive and compelling writing.

61. Educational Copywriter

Courses, chapters, assessments… an educational copywriter writes them all. They produce engaging, informative copy to introduce students to the lessons and help them succeed on their educational journey.

62. Marketing Copywriter

Marketing copywriters leverage the power of words to create persuasive writing in promoting the sale of a business’ product or service. Types of work include mediums such as newsletters and magazine ads.

63. Proofreader

Proofreaders perform a comprehensive review of written content. Their job entails detecting and correcting grammatical and spelling errors, and sentence structure and punctuation inaccuracies

64. Copy-Editor

While proofreaders focus on grammatical and spelling errors, copy editors ensure the quality of the written content. They usually do fact-checks and fix any problems with the style and tone of the writing. 

Technology & Development

65. Digital Project Manager

A digital project manager drives online projects from concept to completion. The role includes ensuring that all necessary deliverables are accomplished and handed over on time and budget.  

66. Cartographer

Basically, cartographers are map-makers. They collect geographic information from aerial photographs and survey data and use this information to prepare user-friendly maps, charts, and spreadsheets for the public sector and commercial customers. 

67. App Developer/Software Developer

Software developers are the innovative minds behind software programs. They aid in the planning, designing, and creating of computer programs and applications. 

68. Software Engineer

Software engineers apply engineering principles and scientific methods to developing software, improving features and functionality, and maintaining the software post-release. They debug, maintain, and audit software to meet particular needs.

69. Web Designer 

Also known as front-end developers, they are responsible for designing the interface, navigation and aesthetics of websites for businesses and clients. They are involved with the graphical assets of a web page – how the site works and how it looks.

70. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for designing, coding, maintaining, and modifying reliable websites. They are sometimes called full-stack developers.

71. Web Publisher

Essentially, a web publisher manages new content updates and publishes it onto the client’s web pages and digital channels. Moreover, they are responsible for updating and maintaining existing content across the site.

72. UI/UX Designer

Their task is to gather, investigate and evaluate user requirements to create functional features that meet the clients’ needs.

73. WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer specializes in creating and implementing user-friendly websites for an organization or client. 

Business Processes & Development

74. Business Analyst

Business analysts conduct detailed market research validating the overall profitability of a business through data analysis.

75. Bookkeeper

The basic function of a bookkeeper is to record and maintain a business’ financial transactions. Additionally, they generate reports based on that information and reconcile accounts to ensure accuracy. 


76. Online English Teacher / ESL

The primary responsibility of an ESL instructor is to instruct and educate students with the goal of refining their reading and communication skills. Classes are conducted online, as opposed to within traditional classroom settings.

77. Online Tutor

The goal is to provide instruction and learning to students on various subjects in a virtual learning environment. It is similar to a private tutor, except classes are online. 


78. Fitness Instructor/Consultant

With the advancement of technology, fitness instructors can now provide remote training and coaching to clients. Most coaches deliver workouts via email or videos of exercises, while others take advantage of now-available apps designed mainly for fitness routines.

79. Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Virtually assists clients in meeting their fitness and nutrition needs with the main goal of becoming or staying healthy. 

80. Online Juror

Mock jurors listen to audio or watch video presentations of brief legal cases set up by attorneys and later fill out questionnaires and decide verdicts on the case.