Adding an Allowed Domain to Your Google Advertising Account

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Ensuring the security and privacy of your Google Ads account is vital for protecting your data and advertising campaigns. Google Ads offers a range of security features to prevent unauthorised access, including the use of “Allowed Domains.”

Understanding Allowed Domains

Google Ads limits the email domains that can be used to invite new users to your account. This feature ensures that only email addresses from approved domains can gain access.

For example, if “” is set as an allowed email domain, you can only invite users with email addresses ending in An invitation to someone with an email like would be blocked because “” is not on the allowed list.

There might be instances when you need to invite a user from a domain not on your approved list, such as a consultant or an external agency. This guide will help you add a new domain to your Google Ads account.

How to Add a Domain to Google Ads

Step 1 – Accessing Security Settings

  1. Log in to Your Account: Start by logging into your Google Ads account.
  2. Navigate to Tools and Settings: Click on the “Tools and Settings” option at the top right corner (look for the wrench icon).
  3. Select Access and Security: From the dropdown menu, under the “Setup” section, click on “Access and Security.”

Step 2 – Managing Security Options

  1. Open the Security Tab: On the “Access and Security” page, you will see three tabs: Users, Managers, and Security. Click on the “Security” tab.
  2. Locate Allowed Domains: Within the “Security” tab, find the section labelled “Allowed Domains.”

Step 3 – Adding a New Domain

  1. Add Domain: Click on “Add Domain” to open the domain entry field.
  2. Enter Domain Name: Type in the new domain you wish to allow (e.g., “”).
  3. Save Changes: Click “Save” to add the domain to your list of allowed domains.

You’re all set! 

The new domain has been added to your Google Ads account and will appear in the list of allowed domains.

Important Note

If you see an error message stating, “To make changes to the allowed domain list, contact an account administrator,” it means your current user account does not have the necessary permissions to add a domain.

Need Help?

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