Boost your Brand Engagement: Instagram’s New Custom Cutout Sticker Feature

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We all love interacting with the variety of sticker options Instagram has to offer on story posts, but there’s a new customizable sticker feature on the rise that may prove to be useful for your brand’s engagement, and not just for story posts, but for reels too!

Instagram recently introduced a fresh feature allowing users to crop elements from their static image posts. These cutouts can be repurposed as stickers in your Stories and Reels, adding a creative twist to your content.

The feature works in the three dots menu display on any publicly posted still image post. Once activated, Instagram’s system identifies the main subject in the image, allowing you to save it as a standalone sticker. This sticker can then be utilised in your Stories and Reels to add a personalised touch to your content.

Here are a few ways you can use this new custom cutout sticker feature to boost your business’ brand engagement:

Interactive storytelling: Engaging users in your page’s story posts is a great way to retain audience attention to your content as well as to boost interactive engagement for your brand. Businesses can use custom stickers to engage the audience in their story posts and reels, improve their storytelling and to capture the audience’s attention. 

Branding & Promotion: These custom stickers offer a unique way for businesses to showcase their products and services, promoting their brand in a unique way.  They can cut out their logo, products, or key elements from their posts and use them as stickers to maintain brand consistency across their Instagram content.

User Generated Content (UGC): UGC is a great way to organically grow your business page as well as to create social proofing with your brand. Encouraging followers to use your brand’s custom stickers in their own content will boost the UGC of your business and grow both your brand awareness and page follows. Encourage your viewers to re-use the stickers for specific campaigns, events or promotions – here incentive is a great way to foster loyalty through giveaways, competitions and discounts. 

As you can see, the creative capacity of this new feature is quite significant and it will be interesting to see how brands use their new custom cutout stickers to boost their brand engagement.

Why not be a frontrunner and get ahead of the game by making use of these stickers for your business before the hype kicks in? Who knows? Your business may soon be a custom sticker trend-setter!