Build and Grow your Facebook Page in #4 Steps

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Facebook is a hot topic at the moment and rightly so! This article is all about how to build and grow your Facebook page in #4 simple steps and connect to your audience on a deeper level.

In reality, Facebook pages are a great resource for businesses and entrepreneurs to increase their following, traffic and, ultimately, revenue.

It also goes hand in hand with other social media platforms and can be directly linked to your website.

But how do you get started with a Facebook Business Page?

Check this out…

#Step 1 – Create the Page

Of course, this part is a bit self-explanatory… but you have to start somewhere!

The first step is to create your business page. 

You want to set this up professionally but with whatever tone and feel you want people to experience when they visit your brand.

Remember to add a cover and profile picture representing your brand or messaging.

The most successful brands have a recognisable logo or colour scheme.

Branding is definitely something worth investing in.

#Step 2 – Invite your friends

In the same way you would rely on friends and family to promote your business from a personal page, you should have the same expectation from a business page.

Get started by inviting your family and friends to follow or like the page. 

When your friends and family like your page, it will then pop up on their feed and their followers will see it and so on… it’s just a huge cycle!

For your Facebook Business Page to be successful, you need people to see it! So, don’t be afraid of inviting people to like your page and promote your brand.

#Step 3 –  Promote your Page

Again, you will want to rely partly on your family and friends for free promotional posts.

This is as simple and easy as asking your family or friends to share your business page, share your posts, or even create their own posts and tag your business page.

You also want to promote your business’s Facebook page on your website as well.

When clients feel they can follow you on social media, they tend to become more engaged.

Having a business page can be just the thing you need to keep a level of professionalism, as well as create a deeper level of intimacy with your clients.

This can prove to be rewarding, and is a resource that doesn’t require much time and energy in order to get started.

#Step 4 – Grow Grow Grow!

Once you have likes and follows on your Facebook Business Page, the aim is to keen your current followers and get more! 

The questions soon goes from ‘How to set up a Facebook Business page’ to ‘How to grow a Facebook Business Page’

The key to growing your page is to publish timely, useful content, engage with your following and post regularly. 

Sounds easy, right?

It’s not always. It takes a lot of time which is why it might be worth looking into getting a social media manager or set up social media automation.

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