Example of a Business Funnel

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Marketing Planning & Strategy

Every lead, every person, or anyone with a touchpoint to your business will go through some type of funnel or journey with your brand.

Our graphic illustrates one potential funnel journey someone can take with your business.

The Funnel Process Explained

A stranger knowing nothing about your business, brand, product or service can soon become someone who actively engages in your content online.

Whether your Instagram post captures their attention or they stumble across your website through Google.

Engaging with your brand can be a simple like, save or follow.

This engager then starts to see more of your content. They start to build that brand recognition and become more interested in your content.

They then turn into a lead.

From a lead, you manage to convert them into a paying customer and finally, after recognising your product or service’s worth, they become an advocate or promoters of your brand.

Here’s the process explained in a simple visual funnel form:



Some people will fall out of your funnel at various points, but this is only natural.

However, the key is to concentrate on your customer’s journey and ensure you have the processes in place for people to become more involved and connected with your brand.

Plan your Funnel

Having a funnel in place for your business is down entirely to marketing planning and strategy.

A marketing plan is essential for your business, especially in the early stages.

Think about the customer journey and their experiences and emotions as they build a deeper connection to your products, brand and/or services.

Top Tip: Businesses and brands can have multiple funnels with different purposes, goals, and endpoints. Think of the broader and bigger picture. Grab a piece of paper and physically draw your customer journey out in front of you. Trust us. This really does work!

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