Facebook Group For Business – Is it a Business Asset or Time Drain?

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Social Media
  • Are you struggling with brand engagement
  • Do you feel you have a lot of value to give, but no one seems to be seeing or interacting with your content?
  • Are you lacking that community feel

Despite a recent decline in users and accounts, Facebook remains one of the most popular social media sites worldwide. 

Facebook offers several features for businesses.

These include pages, advertising, creator studio, marketplace, and stories.

Facebook Groups are also a great feature that is available, and they are a perfect way to build a community online.

Facebook Groups Explained

Groups on Facebook can be public or private (also known as open or closed).

The main difference between a public group and a private group is the privacy level. They are essentially a more direct way to communicate with your followers and audience without everyone being able to see the interactions. 

Private – only members can see who is in the group and what they post.

Public – anyone on or off Facebook can see who is in the group and what they post.

Public groups are great for creating a forum-like, close-knit community.

They are commonly considered a more private option than an open business page. However, anyone can see who is in the group and what they post.

The group administrator can change the group’s privacy, but they cannot limit who sees the content or posts.

They can also set specific joining measures requiring answers to detailed questions or an agreement to abide by certain rules.

Once you have decided on a public or private Facebook group for your business, the next step is understanding what benefits a Facebook Group can bring to your online business.

5 Reasons why you Need a Facebook Group

#1 – Connect on a Deeper Level

No matter how you communicate with your followers, some methods are more personal than others. A Facebook group will be much more intimate than weekly emails or a YouTube channel.
A group allows you to build a closer connection with your following.
This promotes a deeper relationship between you and your audience and builds trust.
In other words, Facebook groups can build a community around your brand, product or service. 

#2 – Notifications

Another benefit to having a group is that those in the group can get notifications when a post is made or when you go live on your account.

They are a great way to let members know about announcements or new content, and viewers can see and interact with it straight away.

Notifications can increase conversion rates and enhance brand consistency and user engagement.

#3 – Another Communication Method

Every brand or business wants to use as many ways and means possible to reach their following and audience. 

Having a Facebook group is a perfect way to do this. 

While your Facebook page may have followers or friends, your posts could easily get lost in their feed.

Your posts are less likely to get missed in a group and more likely to pop up on your group member’s feed.

#4 – Polls

A valuable feature of having a Facebook Group for your business are polls.

A Facebook poll is like a survey. Your members can cast a vote for a particular choice or option, meaning you can ask your members anything!

This can be invaluable and allows you to learn exactly what your members want from you, your brand and your business and tailor your offerings accordingly.

For example, you may conduct a poll to ask what new designs your followers want to see on your next product launch or ask them what content they want to see on your social media. 

#5 – Build Trust

The final benefit of having a Facebook Group for your business is building trust, which is essential for any online business.

Facebook Groups offer an opportunity for you to nurture your members, so they start to know, like, and trust you!

Which type of business would benefit from a Facebook Group? 

From our experience, the best type of Facebook groups are the ones which help people solve a problem which can then be linked back to your business, brand, product or service. 

In a Facebook group, you want your brand to add value, be seen as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your particular niche and build a community

Facebook Group Example

At Click Marketing, one of our clients in the property niche has a great Facebook group dedicated to investing in property in a particular area of the world. 

In this group, our client helps the group members by posting information about property investment (adding value) and then answering any questions people have (showing they are the SME). They also do Facebook Lives within the group to engage their audience more (building a community) 

Next steps

If you are unsure how to fit a Facebook Group into your marketing strategy or struggling to understand how your business could benefit from building a community and having a Facebook Group, feel free to use the contact form below. 

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