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“What does Introductable do?”

Introductable is a marketing company specialising in introducing carefully selected investment products to qualifying investors. We find the best investment opportunities and introduce clients and investors to them. We thrive in doing thorough research and investigations to bring to you only the best possible investment opportunities.

“Does Introductable arrange investment deals?”

Here at Introductable, we represent our chosen investment opportunities and will introduce you to the investment provider once you have decided you wish to go ahead. We also assist with administration of the early stages of the investment process to ensure that your investment journey is as smooth as possible at all times.

“Are you permitted to give advice?”

Introductable is not permitted to give advice in regard to investments. Instead, what we do is work diligently to provide our clients with timely and accurate information, so they can decide on the quality of the investment opportunity for themselves.

“Are the investments guaranteed?”

None of the investments made available to you through Introductable are guaranteed. However, our rigorously chosen investments come with many security options which will help protect your investment. They are always fully asset backed.

“Are you FCA Regulated?”

No, as an Introducer it is not possible for us to be FCA regulated.

“Are the investments covered by the FSCS?”

No. Because of how they are structured, none of the investments offered by Introductable are covered by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).

“How do I become a client of Introductable?”

Becoming a client of ours is a simple process. Simply start by completing the Registration Form on our website. At the end of the registration process you will be issued with a login and password for the website so that you may access full details on all of the investments opportunities that we have available.

“Who can invest through Introductable?”

All of our investments are aimed at specific categories of investors, such as High New Worth investors, Sophisticated investors and Restricted investors. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to select an investor category by completing a Self-certification form. Anyone not falling into one of these categories will be unable to invest through us.

“Why invest through Introductable?”

The principle reason why many of our investors choose to invest through Introductable is because our investment opportunities offer high levels of returns which can easily beat the rates the banks, and markets, can offer, whilst still providing excellent security over your investment.

“Are you responsible for the performance of any investment that you introduce me to?”

No, Introductable introduces you to the investment opportunity, which is being offered by a completely independent investment provider. Responsibility for the performance of the investments lies solely with the investment provider.

“Are the investments transferable?”

No, the investments offered by Introductable are generally not transferable.

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