5 Ways to Grow an eCommerce Business in 2024

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Do you already have an online eCommerce business struggling to convert visitors to your store into paying customers and grow your eCommerce store?

We have put together 5 top tips on how to grow your eCommerce business and increase your profits in 2024.

5 Ways to Grow an eCommerce Business

1. Re-target your Visitors

Did you know that 96% of new visitors who visit your website are not ready to buy?

One of the quickest ways to grow your eCommerce business is to retarget those new visitors on Google or social media with an appropriate advertisement, otherwise known as a proper ‘ad’.

But what is an appropriate advertisement/ad?

Well, it should be an offer based on items they viewed when they visited your eCommerce store.

If they viewed the items in your store, they are interested to some degree. When they log onto their social media account, a little reminder or the particular product might clinch the sale for you.

Give it a try! 

2. Shipping Services

Customers love free shipping, and that’s proven!

Studies show plenty of benefits that come with free shipping, including increased brand visibility and attraction of more customers.

Why not add extra shipping services to your store if free shipping isn’t an option? It will give your customer more options when in your store and improve customer service and relations—for example, tracked or quicker delivery options.

You might also want to ship products beyond your borders. Or, in other words, leveraging into the international market. Sound scary?! It shouldn’t! We want to help scale your business, and entering the global market has the potential to widen your reach and customer base. Which, in turn, likely means more cash coming in!


3. Mobile-friendly Ecommerce Website

In such an era where over 3.5 billion people across the globe are using smartphones, having a mobile-optimised eCommerce website is essential.

Customers and visitors to your site are more likely to stay if your site loads quickly.

But what does a mobile-friendly eCommerce website mean?

You will need to consider several factors to have a mobile-friendly eCommerce site.

For example:

  • A website that loads quickly
  • User responsive
  • Simplified checkout process

4. Incorporate Feedback

Holding onto existing customers is essential for any business. However, if you want to grow your business, you need to make attracting new customers a priority.

The challenge with new customers is gaining their trust. You need them to purchase through your website as opposed to your competitors.

But how?

One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate Feedback.

Utilizing previous customers’ reviews shows that your business is used by real people impressed by it.

Adding product reviews and testimonials is a great way to show the quality, features and likeability and how popular it’s been with other customers.

5. Make your Website User Friendly

Having a website overloaded with links, images and advertisements is not cool. It’s also not user-friendly. Not only will they slow things down, but they will also make the whole shopping experience poor for the customer.

An eCommerce site NEEDS to be user-friendly.

Firstly, there should be as minimal clicks as possible for a CTA (Call to Action) or sale.

Also, the links should be straightforward. For example, if you are looking for a baseball cap, you wouldn’t want to search in the t-shirt category… (unless it was a matching upsell, of course!). I think you get the picture.

Another top tip is to make your product descriptions jump out. Use keywords and phrases that potential customers may search for. This will also help with SEO.

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