Leads Unleashed: LinkedIns New Ad Edge for B2B Marketers

Reading Time: 2 minutes

LinkedIn is among the most effective platforms for thought leadership and lead generation, especially for the B2B market. Identifying and cultivating potential customers for your business is crucial for growth and provides an avenue to realistically convert prospects into clients. One effective way to optimise your LinkedIn profile for lead generation is by creating compelling, relatable and valuable storytelling content. Sharing insightful articles related to your industry regularly will establish your business as an authority in your field whilst attracting potential clients. 

If you are a business hoping to establish a solid client base through your LinkedIn account, then get excited because LinkedIn is now rolling out a new ad feature with sponsored posts on articles, providing a new avenue to generate leads from your LinkedIn page. 

How it works:

You can now write articles directly on LinkedIn and choose to sponsor them for awareness, engagement and, more importantly, lead generation. 

When your company page posts an article to LinkedIn, a CTA button will be added, encouraging readers to ‘unlock the article’ and requiring the user to sign up to read the rest. 

An important point to note here is that the effectiveness of enticing sign-ups from the right audience will depend on how captivating your article is. It is crucial to produce the right content to drive connections who are interested in your product. 

If you are not already sold on the idea, let us entice you further: 

These sponsored ads allow you to create blogs that are more viral than articles found on external sites. You will have direct access to all of the comments on the article from logged-in members, and your business can use content already created on your LinkedIn page. Moreover, this new feature allows businesses to drive leads without sending users off LinkedIn to read your article. 

LinkedIn has announced that currently, only company-authored articles will be eligible for sponsorship, but stay posted for more LinkedIn functions for your business page up and coming this year. 

If you want to see effective results this 2024, prioritise your marketing to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry and connect with the right audience. This new sponsored article feature is the perfect way to solidify your presence and engage with potential clients in a space where they are already actively seeking valuable insights. Tapping into this avenue will further allow your company to grow their visibility and drive lead generation, potentially fostering long-term business relationships.