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Meet Amy Rawcliffe

Meet Amy

Amy Rawcliffe is the founder and director of Click Marketing. She has built one of the UK’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies and gets results for clients where other agencies struggle.

Amy comes from a Military background and has utilised the core values she learnt in the Armed Forces and used her aptitude, expertise and skillset to succeed in the marketing world.

Military to Entrepreneur

Amy joined the Royal Navy in 2011 after finishing school and a short time at College. It was clear from an early age that Amy was not destined to take the same life path as her peers. She always wanted more and did things differently. Joining the Royal Navy at eighteen is just one example of her determination to succeed, develop her skills and explore the world.

During her Royal Navy years, Amy completed various deployments onboard Royal Navy warships and served overseas at multiple British bases in the Middle East and Cyprus.

Her first deployment was onboard HMS WESTMINSTER. It was early on in her career that her superiors and chain of command started to see massive potential in Amy’s future, and she was recommended for promotion very early on in her Royal Navy career.

From her first promotion, Amy continued to climb the ladder and eventually reached the level of Petty Officer after just six years. This illustrated her dedication and commitment to the service. During her naval career, she also found time to study and her hard work paid off with a BA (Hons) degree in Intelligence & International Relations.

It was in 2019 that Amy decided that the time was right to leave the Royal Navy and pursue a different path. She felt ready for a new challenge and wanted to fulfil her life goal of owning a business.

Amy comes from a family of business owners, and throughout her Military career, she was always indirectly involved in these too. From a very young age, Amy had always been interested in business and had worked all the time she attended school and college. Her maturity and work ethic were regularly recognised. When friends wanted to socialise, she would be volunteering for overtime. Her determination to learn and be successful at everything she did was always evident.

In November 2019, Click Marketing was born, and that’s when things changed.

Click Marketing Background

Click Marketing was first launched as a social media management agency. Amy worked as a freelancer under her company name and helped a handful of clients with their social media management.

It was in 2020, and at the height of COVID, that Click Marketing really took off. Businesses needed digital marketing support to help keep them afloat during the unprecedented times of a global pandemic. Brick-and-mortar businesses needed a website. Everything was going digital.

Noticing the change and seeing how many businesses struggled, Amy wanted to do more to help. She decided to grow the Click Marketing team, offer more services at reasonable rates to struggling businesses and grow the agency to a new level.

Fast forward to now, Click Marketing now has 18+ team members and offers all types of digital marketing services, from website development and support to social media and paid advertising. Amy has taken the time and care to build her team and has only included those with proven success in their field of expertise. This has why Click Marketing is now one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the UK.

Veteran Support

Amy and her team are still actively involved with the Military and Veteran community and actively support those looking to leave the service and start their own business. She delivers various presentations throughout the year in collaboration with X-Forces and CTP.

She has always offered Click Marketing services at a discounted rate for those connected with the Military and ensured that the strengths and values she learned in the Military form the basis of all Click Marketing projects.

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