Network Marketing | Greatest Chance of Business Success in 2022?

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Network marketing is very much the marmite of the business world! You either hate it or love it.

The Network Marketing model gives you EVERYTHING you need to create a successful business. That being said, the model does not have the greatest reputation.

The Network Marketing world is not perfect, but it is much better than many other opportunities available.

It provides a vehicle into the entrepreneurship world whilst removing the pressure of finding a product, setting up a framework, creating the technical elements and dealing with the mundane business chores.

This article explains why we believe Network Marketing gives you the greatest chance of business success.

Network Marketing is NOT a ‘get rich quick scheme‘.

However, it does offer the fundaments to get you started in the business world.

Network Marketing allows you to scale, make money, learn and develop but most importantly, to start a business with minimal financial risk.


3 steps to succeeding with Network Marketing

1. Treat the opportunity as a business venture

The key to succeeding in this sector is treating the opportunity as a business venture.

Some people do not regard the sector as a “proper business” because it is not their company, product or service. That is most definitely the wrong attitude to have if you want to succeed!

Joining a Network Marketing company should be regarded as building a traditional start-up. Despite some differences in approach, the fundamentals remain the same.

Sometimes people join a Network Marketing company in the hope of building an additional source of income alongside their full-time job.

That is fine.

However, the more time and effort someone puts into their Network Marketing venture, the greater their success.

2. Commit time to the venture

Committing time to the opportunity is key to your success in this sector.

Last but not least, to succeed with Network Marketing, you need to connect and share the opportunity with others.

3. Share the opportunity

Sharing the opportunity encourages others to get involved, but it also spreads awareness of the Network Marketing field and attempts to break down its stigma.

Also, if others know and understand your intentions and business plans, they are more likely to support you along the way.

Reasons why Network Marketing sets you up for success

There are multiple reasons why Network Marketing sets you up for business success.

The main reasons revolve around the framework involved, the structure it brings, and the minimal financial investment associated.

Compared to traditional businesses, Network Marketing offers you so much more!


Network Marketing vs Traditional Business

Below, we compare Network Marketing businesses to traditional ones to highlight the differences.

There are four challenges entrepreneurs often face regardless of their industry or niche.

Start-up costs

An average network marketing start-up investment is usually less than £1,000, and depending on the company you decide to join, it could be as little as £100!

To start up a traditional business requires a substantial initial investment which comes with a big risk and uncertainty.

Product or service ready

With Network Marketing, each company will already offer various products or services that you will have access to and can market accordingly.

What’s more, these products or services will already be ready to market and sell.

You won’t have to deal with the stress of the production or manufacturing process as that will all be taken care of for you.

When stepping over into the business world, you are often faced with deciding what to sell, possible manufacture and production of the item, or purchasing stock.

Start-up time

Starting a Network Marketing business can take less than 24 hours.

Typically it is just a case of agreeing to the company’s compensation plan, electronically agreeing (and maybe signing) a few other legal documents, and that’s it!

You are good to go!

Alternatively, starting a traditional business can take A LOT longer.

The lengthy process can cause additional stress, time and resources for little to no return in the start-up phase.

Technical Set-up

Most companies give you (or offer access for a small fee) to your very own website or webshop that lists the company’s products or services.

Typically, this also includes a Point of Sale (PoS) system where your customers will be able to purchase from your website.

All data, customer purchases and company information will be stored and updated on your company dashboard. This dashboard will also be set up for you by the Network Marketing company so you can keep track

For a traditional business, any website or technical back end dashboards will be down to the entrepreneur to arrange. Setting up the technical aspects of a start-up business can be very timely and costly if outsourced.

Training & support

Most companies offer company training and support from the moment you join.

Types of training include product and company-specific overviews to marketing and social media lessons and support.

More often than not, all the training and support given is free of charge and tailored to your needs.

As it is typically group training, it is also an excellent opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs.

However, if you started up a traditional business, you would need to research, enrol and pay for all your training which can be extremely costly.


Why Network Marketing gives you the greatest chance of Business Success

From this article, it is clear that Network Marketing will grant future-entrepreneurs quick access to the business world.

It is also the only business opportunity globally that comes with minimal initial start-up costs, full training, support and all the technical side of things set up.

Joining a Network Marketing company also allows you to start earning money immediately.

With limited risk and almost everything set up for you, Network Marketing is equivalent to a plug and play business.

Like any business, the more effort, time, and commitment you put into your Network Marketing venture, the more return you can expect.

Network Marketing gives you the best possible tools to help you become successful. It is entirely up to you how you use them.

Next steps

If you’re looking to get involved, our advice would be to fully research the company you’re looking to join beforehand.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of questionable Network Marketing companies out there, so it’s best to do your due diligence beforehand.  

Are you still unsure about Network Marketing?

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