5 Reasons Why Branding is Important for your Business

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Branding is the marks, symbols, signs, colours, smells, messaging (…pretty much everything!) that helps the consumer identify the seller of a product or service.

Branding is much more than just a logo.

It’s the whole ecosystem surrounding a business and the product and services they offer. 

Consumers use branding to attach meaning and develop relationships between themselves and the brands they engage with.

Here are 5 reasons WHY branding is important for your business:  

Builds a strong ‘Company Identity’

There are several reasons for a company to build a strong brand identity.

One of the primary reasons for having a clear and consistent brand identity is recognition.

Consistent branding allows consumers to identify your brand far more quickly. From the brand’s colours to the logo’s shape and font used within designs, these all play a part in helping consumers quickly identify your brand.

Helps to stand out from the competition

All business is highly competitive.

Using branding will help distinguish your business from your competitors.

Your branding represents the mark of quality for your business and what you do and stand for.

It will identify your value as a provider and becomes a mark of quality within the industry.

Build customer loyalty

In the same way that BMW and Mercedes have made their badges a mark of quality, the same can be done for your brands.

The idea behind branding stays the same regardless of the industry.

Consumers are loyal to brands they resonate with and have built relationships with.

Your brand’s job is to ensure that it becomes a standing mark of quality for its consumers and that its good deeds, combined with branding and marketing, will attract even those outside its key target audience.

Your loyal customers, those who truly “love” your brand, will stay loyal to your brand and what you stand for, along with the products and services you provide.

This loyalty will continue to grow, provided the brand continues to give the consumer value.

At the height of brand loyalty comes recommendation.

Recommendations only arrive when consumers are happy enough with your brand to recommend it to others in good faith.

Brand and name recall

One of the perks of great branding is recognition.

Brand recognition combines the quality of products and services you provide, identifiable branding and consistent marketing.

Recognition cannot be given to any brand but has to be earned through consistency and providing value to the consumers.

When it comes to social media platforms, this fact increases ten times. Users insist on being provided with value before even considering engaging with any content that brands promote.

For the best chance to attain any recognition in the modern media landscape, it is imperative to have easily identifiable branding and be consistent in engaging those who follow your brand.

Users have short attention spans and will quickly fall out of love with your brand if given the opportunity.

Helps promote your products or services

When you have the correct branding, everything becomes a marketing tool.

Coca-Cola barely has to show its logo because the specific “red” Pantone used in all of its brandings is so identifiable that this is all it would take for anyone to identify the brand.

In the same way, having consistent branding across all the elements of a business will improve people’s ability to recognise the brand.

Logos, stationery, brochures, signs, business forms, business cards, buildings, uniforms, and company vehicles. All of these items can be easily branded to improve brand promotion.

Our branding and identity services – How Click Marketing can help

Click Marketing is a full-service, full-spectrum digital marketing agency.

We assist with everything from brand identity to direct advertising to a target audience.

Our branding services range from the research required to create an easily identifiable brand in your niche to a complete brand guide.

This guide provides clear instructions for everyone within the company and allows them to create branded content.

This Brand Guide ensures consistency in branding and increases brand recognition. This is one of the first and most important steps in creating a memorable brand that customers will turn into advocates for.

An effective practice that has served as the foundation for the most significant known brands in the world today and a core service that Click Marketing offers.

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