Why Click Marketing is different to other Digital Marketing Agencies

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Click Marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the United Kingdom. When you look at our company priorities, structure and set-up, it’s clear to see why. 

We do things differently!

Many digital marketing agencies in the United Kingdom (not mentioning any names!) focus primarily on the money, the customer turnaround, and ultimately keeping hold of a customer for as long as possible.

They aim to promote the agency rather than the client and make as much money as possible.

These agencies see small businesses and clients who need support and assistance as money-making machines.

They will persuade them that they need a wide variety of services with the ultimate aim of selling them for maximum profit. 

Imagine a shark circling a vulnerable small fish in the middle of the ocean!

Unfortunately, most small businesses fall for it!

Hence the reason digital marketing agencies do not have the best reputation.

Now, let’s explain why Click Marketing is different. 

Since our launch in 2019, we have worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of different niches. From website development to social media marketing, we have grown and supported brands from launch to success.

We work with businesses and brands from the United Kingdom and overseas in the United States, Australia and mainland Europe. 

We have attracted small, medium, and in some cases, large enterprises. They see and understand that Click Marketing is different from other agencies.

We don’t work for you; we work with you!

The 5 core reasons why Click Marketing is different

Here are the 5 main reasons why Click Marketing is different to other digital marketing agencies in the United Kingdom:

1. We focus on the long term by building relationships 

At Click Marketing, we build long term relationships with our clients. We stand by our homepage statement we are your digital marketing partner.

As your business grows, then so does our relationship. Click Marketing becomes an integral part and element of your business.

As a business owner, you are already wearing so many different hats!

Working with Click Marketing means a huge digital marketing weight has just been lifted from your shoulders, leaving you free to concentrate on other issues.

There are no more concerns about your website not performing as it should, no more late nights trying to contact influencers, commenting or replying on social media and no more posting on social media platforms.

2. Our number one priority is our client

It sounds simple, but we have come across so many digital marketing agencies in the UK whose main priority is NOT their client’s success. They might say it is, but actions speak louder than words!

At Click Marketing, our clients are our priority and our main emphasis.

We make a point of only working with a certain number of clients at any one time to allow us to focus on their individual needs and requirements.

Communication is the key to everything we do – communication with our clients and communication within our team.

Everyone is working towards the same goal!

At Click Marketing, we are transparent in all that we do. We provide our clients with regular update emails.

We also give them a unique link to book a call with team members whenever they wish, along with weekly Zoom calls and weekly and monthly reports.

Our goal is to keep our clients updated every step of the way – nobody likes to be kept in the dark, and we understand that.

3. Honesty from the start is guaranteed

We have no qualms about turning clients away if we feel we were not the most suited marketing team to help them or referring them to other marketing support networks for more specialised help or assistance

We pride ourselves on never promising the earth or misleading clients.

4. Our team of experts

At Click Marketings core is a team of digital marketing experts – from WordPress specialists to Facebook advertising gurus. All of our professionals are dedicated to making our clients business a success.

We love what we do, and it shows!

Our professionals can adapt, change, and flex as our client’s companies grow, expand and even diversify.

5. Value for Money

Click Marketing provides excellent value for money. Too cheap? Maybe. We are driven by results and not by pounds in our pockets. Our motivation is our client’s success.

If you win, then we win.

We can even offer payment plans to help our clients triumph and achieve.

Suppose we have carried out an initial review of your marketing, and we can see that only a few minor tweaks are needed to your strategy.

We have no problem giving that business the golden nugget of information for free and setting them on their way.

Click Marketing – what a breathe of fresh air in the murky world of digital marketing!

To see how Click Marketing can help your business move forward, check out our full list of services here.