What is a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

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Instagram engagement rate is the new buzzword when talking about Instagram accounts, but what does this mean?

More importantly, what is a good engagement rate for your Instagram account?

People seem to be so focused on the follower number on Instagram, but what is the point in having a massive following if no one is interested or engaged with your account?

Yes, high follower numbers can look impressive, and they do bring a sense of credibility, but they do not necessarily add any benefit to your account, brand or business. 

That is why engagement rate is a great metric to monitor.

“Engagement rates are the currency of the social media marketing industry.”


What is engagement rate?

The engagement rate of an Instagram account is a metric used to determine how actively involved your audience is with your content.

It is also a good way of showing and testing your relationship with your followers and audience.

Engagement can be any interaction.

For example:

  • Likes / Reactions
  • Comments
  • Shared
  • Saves
  • Mentions
  • Direct messages

How is the engagement rate calculated?

There are a few ways and formulas to measure the engagement rate on an account.

However, typically on Instagram, the most common and simple  way to measure the Instagram engagement of a post is by using the formula:

Total engagement of post / total number of followers x 100

However, this is not the most accurate measurement of engagement rate as not all your followers will see your post.

So, with that in mind, for more precise and realistic results, you should use this formula:

Total engagement of post/post reach x 100

What is a ‘good’ engagement rate?

Most social media marketing experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1% to 5%. The more followers you have, the harder this is to achieve.

Below is a snapshot of the engagement rates you should be aiming for depending on the size of your account and the number of followers you have:

In simple terms, the best scenario and position to be in would be to either have a:

1. High follower number, high engagement rate
2. Low follower number, high engagement rate

If you are currently in one of the two positions listed below, your account needs some improvement:

1. High follower number, low engagement rate
2. Low follower number, low engagement rate

Why should you track the engagement rate of your Instagram account?

The best Instagram strategies and plans are built from data and analysis.

Tracking the engagement rate of your account will give you another data set.

This can then be used to tailor your content, contribute to your content calendar, and get a better idea of your Instagram performance, audience, and potential reach.

How to improve your Instagram engagement rate

Here are five tips on how to improve your Instagram engagement rate:

1. Be consistent! Post regularly and at optimum times for your target audience.
2. Carry out hashtag research.
3. Use a mixture of low, medium, and high competition hashtags.
4. Tag and mention other accounts in your post.
5. Use Instagram tools in addition to the standard feed posts. For example, Instagram stories and Instagram reels.

Next steps to improve your engagement rate

At Click Marketing, we offer a free Instagram audit to anyone who needs help with their account.

Our team will analyse your current Instagram performance and give you expert tips and advice on improving your engagement rate, growing your account, and using Instagram more effectively for your business.

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